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Houser Audio, LLC

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With over 20 years of experience, Houser Audio delivers sophisticated design solutions that promise comprehensive integration options with the future in mind.

Houser Audio designs incorporate architectural blueprints, best-choice equipment options, space usage, and potential. Custom designs include complete system integration for buildings and event venues of all sizes. Our broad partner network allows us to provide prompt responses and solutions nationwide. Email us or call at 888-263-1114.

Houser Audio provides designs & consulting for:

  • Concert and Event venues
  • Corporate spaces
  • Professional studios
  • Indoor/Outdoor systems
  • Multipurpose spaces
  • Symphonic Halls
  • Churches/Cathedrals
  • Restaurants
  • Gymnasiums/Gymnatoriums
  • Commercial/Corporate Theaters
Houser Audio, LLC.

Audio Assessments & Custom Training

Houser Audio's critical audio assessments provide ideal sound solutions whether in venues with poor sound conditions or in pitch perfect facilities.

Audio Assessments:

Not completely satisfied with your present AV experience? Houser Audio provides expert analysis and professional troubleshooting of venues and commercial sound systems. Our methodical process identifies and corrects systematic equipment errors and other challenges such as "dead spots" and over-reverberant ("echo-y") spaces that hinder speech clarity.

Houser Audio is also available for tech support. Our skilled engineers troubleshoot minor problems and can train your team if needed.

Custom Training

Houser Audio provides custom training to give our clients confidence and unique problem-solving abilities. Empower your AV Team and enhance your audio experience through our training options. As needed, we offer group classes, one-on-one coaching, and even hands-on, offsite training.
Experience immediate results.

Email us or call 888-263-1114 for an Audio Assessment or Custom Training!